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Premium Stainless Steel Salt Pepper Grinder Adjustable Grinder Pepper Grinder Tall Glass

Short Description:


Plastic short section: 204 grams

Plastic long section: 279 grams

Stainless steel short section: 228 grams

Stainless steel long section: 292 grams


Short section 7.1*7.1*14cm

Long section 6.9*6.9*19cm


60 pcs/box

Short box specifications: 50*37*32cm

Long box specifications: 50*37*43cm


Plastic short section: 13 kg/carton

Plastic long section: 17.5 kg/carton

Stainless steel short section: 14.5 kg/carton

Stainless steel long section: 18.5 kg/carton



Stainless steel short section: 490 grams

Stainless steel long section: 641 grams


Short section 18*9.4*14.7cm

Long section 18*9.4*20.2cm


20 sets/box

Short box specifications: 50*37*32cm

Long box specifications: 50*37*43cm


Stainless steel short section: 12 kg/carton

Stainless steel long section: 16.5 kg/carton

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HIGH QUALITY GLASS – BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL SALT AND PEPPER MILL SET : Darkelves Salt and Pepper Mills are easy to grip and made of the highest grade non-corrosive, brushed Stainless Steel, and BPA Free glass bottle. This salt grinder and pepper grinder set is a modern, classy and user friendly addition to your kitchen. Perfect for a gourmet meal or dinner party. Great gift or party favor! *SALT AND PEPPER NOT INCLUDED.

EASILY ADJUSTABLE CERAMIC GRINDER : Our Salt and Pepper Shakers have a larger heavy duty ceramic rotor than competitors. Just twist the knob at the top of each salt and pepper shaker to set your desired coarseness of salt, pepper, or spice. An AUTHENTIC HOME Darkelves salt and pepper mill pair and funnel arrive in BRANDED PACKAGING with a foam tray to protect your salt and pepper grinder mills! Chef Ebook will be emailed.


STAINLESS STEEL LID CAPS = FRESH SPICES & CLEAN COUNTERS : Our tightly sealed stainless steel lid keeps your Himalayan sea salt, peppercorn medley, spices or herbs fresh and long lasting by keeping out moisture. The salt and pepper grinders have the grinding mechanism on the top of the shakers, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food, not all over your table or counter.

EASY TO REFILL – 6OZ CAPACITY = LESS REFILLS : Our Salt and Pepper Mills are 7.5tall and each salt shaker and pepper shaker will hold up to 3/4 cup or 6 oz of the salt, pepper or the spice of your choice. Just unscrew the grinder from the bottle to refill. MANUALLY CRANKED = NO BATTERIES = ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY salt and pepper grinder sets. Effortlessly twist with your hand grind fresh ingredients!

365 DAY GUARANTEE : All our salt mills and pepper mills go through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure our customers receive top quality grinder mills. We are confident you will enjoy our refillable spice grinder sets. In the unlikely event that your set is not to your standards, we will replace it for you, or give you your money back, no hassle!

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