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Bamboo Charcoal Production Process

Bamboo Drying

It usually takes about a week to use the hot smoke generated by fuel combustion to fumigate and dry. At this time, the temperature in the charcoal kiln is generally less than 150 ℃,mainly to remove the moisture in the bamboo,so that the shape and size of the bamboo is not easy to change.   

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Bamboo crushing process

Use a machine to crush the dried bamboo into bamboo powder.

Bamboo Pre-Carbonization

The temperature in the charcoal kiln is controlled at 150℃~270℃, the thermal decomposition of bamboo is obvious, and acetic acid and tar begin to be produced.

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Bamboo charring

The temperature in the charcoal kiln is maintained at 270℃~360℃, and the bamboo material undergoes very fast thermal decomposition, producing a large amount of decomposition products, which is the main stage of natural polymer products such as acetic acid and tar. During this stage, due to the very fast thermal decomposition of bamboo, a large amount of heat will be released.

Bamboo Charcoal Burning

The temperature in the charcoal kiln is above 360°C. At this stage, as the high temperature continues, the volatile substances remaining in the bamboo charcoal are eliminated, but the gas condensate produced-bamboo vinegar liquid is very small.

Cooling Phase

The calcined bamboo charcoal is gradually cooled from the highest calcining temperature to about 50°C under the condition of no air leakage in the bamboo charcoal kiln, and then it can be discharged out of the kiln.

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Press Molding

The cooled carbon powder is pressed into a carbon rod by a machine and packed in a box.

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The maximum temperature of bamboo charcoal is determined according to the purpose of bamboo charcoal.

Generally speaking, the calcination temperature of bamboo charcoal for humidity control is above 600℃;

Charcoal for water purification, cooking charcoal, bathing charcoal, calcination temperature above 700℃;

Carbon for electromagnetic shielding and anti-radiation, the calcination temperature is 800℃~1000℃, or even higher.

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