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Application of bamboo charcoal

1. Carbon for Water Purification:

Bamboo charcoal is a natural water purification agent with a good water purification function. It can eliminate harmful chemicals and heavy metals remaining in the water, eliminate odors in the water, and release beneficial trace elements to soften water quality,Good for health.

Use scenario: Putting bamboo charcoal in a kettle can make the boiled water taste sweet; using bamboo charcoal to treat rivers has a significant effect. (Related bamboo charcoal products: carbon tablets for drinking water, granular carbon for filtration, bamboo charcoal buckets for aquariums)

2. Purifying Air:

At present, a large number of bamboo charcoal coatings have been applied to the waste sewage filtration treatment of the factory. Such as spray booths, test rooms, etc., which need clean space, are placed in the air filter box.

3. Edible Bamboo Charcoal:

bamboo charcoal peanuts, bamboo charcoal bread, bamboo charcoal noodles, bamboo charcoal wine, bamboo charcoal drinking water, etc. have been developed.

4. Hygiene Supplies:

Due to the absorbability of bamboo charcoal itself, bamboo charcoal eye masks, bamboo charcoal masks, bamboo charcoal soap, bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal toothpaste, bamboo charcoal mask, facial cleanser (including bamboo charcoal), bamboo charcoal for bathing, bamboo charcoal sanitary napkins, etc. have been developed.

5. Craft Decoration:

The fired bamboo charcoal can be processed into handicrafts according to the shape, including bamboo charcoal flower baskets, bamboo charcoal paintings, bamboo charcoal carvings, bamboo charcoal wind chimes, bamboo charcoal pen holders, and bamboo charcoal pendant ornaments.

6. Bamboo Charcoal Daily Necessities:

As bamboo charcoal can absorb formaldehyde, remove peculiar smell, prevent moisture and mold, and improve the environment, bamboo charcoal insoles, shoe plugs, mattress cushion pillows, refrigerator deodorizing boxes, purifying charcoal bags, etc. have been developed.

7. Bamboo Charcoal Style Products:

Coffee sticks, bamboo charcoal cups, and bamboo charcoal cigarette holders are healthy and distinctive. They can be used by themselves or as gifts.

8.Agricultural Carbon:

Bamboo charcoal for horticulture has high surface porosity and good air permeability. It is very suitable as a carrier of soil microorganisms and organic nutrients. It can enhance soil vitality. It is a high-quality soil improvement material and is suitable for personal flower and grass cultivation.

9. Industrial Carbon:

Bamboo charcoal can be made into new composite materials, such as ultra-fine powder bamboo charcoal cloth, bamboo charcoal ceramic porous body, powder molding composite materials, degradable fillers, feed additives, etc., high-quality bamboo charcoal powder can be used for special product polishing.

10. Charcoal for construction:

Bamboo charcoal has a porous and fine structure, good air permeability, good water permeability, good water retention, and stable properties. Bamboo charcoal is both a desiccant and a humectant. Bamboo charcoal has the ability to absorb 1%-4% of its weight of water, that is, the moisture absorption rate reaches 14% (0.14g/g, when the relative humidity is 95%). When the relative humidity of indoor air is too low, bamboo charcoal will dehumidify and increase air humidity. Proper use of bamboo charcoal can maintain the most comfortable relative humidity for the human body in the room, and can also prevent the furniture from moldy, rot, cracking, and the breeding of insects and ants.

11. Carbon for combustion:

Machine-made bamboo charcoal is made by pressing bamboo powder and then carbonizing. It has obvious advantages and is economical and environmentally friendly.

12. Filling the Charcoal Bag:

The bamboo charcoal bag can be filled in various daily necessities; such as pillows, dolls, cushions, car supplies, to deodorize and purify the air.

13. Produce Negative Ions:

Negative ions have a strong dust collection effect, reducing the stimulation of the respiratory tract by floating dust and other objects. At the same time, it can promote the movement of the villi on the respiratory tract, and prevent the human body from being contaminated, irritated and injured by foreign objects; it can increase lung capacity and smooth muscle tension. Promote the normalization of mucus secretion in the respiratory tract, reduce irritation, and improve the ventilation function of the lungs; after being absorbed by the body, negative ions can regulate the excitement of the nerve center, stimulate the expansion of peripheral blood vessels, relieve arterial vasospasm, lower blood pressure, and treat high blood pressure , Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease recovery has a certain effect; in addition, negative ions can calm the nerves, relieve fatigue, promote sleep, increase appetite, promote blood circulation, help gastrointestinal contraction, facilitate digestion, reduce aging and so on.

14. Release Far Infrared:

Bamboo charcoal emits far-infrared rays known as the "light of life", and its wavelength is between 8 and 14 microns. Far infrared rays can promote metabolism, increase body immunity and healing power, and have certain auxiliary effects on arthritis and insomnia.

15. Blocking electromagnetic waves:

Bamboo charcoal can be used as a shielding material. Bamboo charcoal conducts electricity like metal at a certain temperature, and uses the principle of metal reflection electromagnetic waves for relative protection. At the same time, the porous structure of bamboo charcoal is used to absorb and transform the principle to absorb harmful electromagnetic waves and convert them into heat to be dissipated, avoiding secondary pollution. Putting some bamboo charcoal around TVs, computers and other electrical appliances can effectively block electromagnetic waves and promote human health.

Side effects of bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is a natural material, it is not harmful, it can also purify the air, eliminate peculiar smell, absorb moisture, prevent mildew, inhibit bacteria and repel insects. It can dehumidify in contact with the human body and is a high-quality daily necessities.

Post time: Jul-06-2021