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Leather Handle Hookah Hose High-Quality Hookah Hose Washable Durable

Short Description:

LEATHER HANDLE HOOKAH HOSE: The Leather hand grip is ideal for easy of use and comfort during your hookah session. If you don’t like the way that metal or wood feels on most hookah hose tips, this Leather hose tip option might just be right for you!

DURABLE HOOKAH HOSE :flexible, very light, long enough for sharing, great draw as well

WIDELY USE :These hookah hoses will fit on any medium to large hookah that we carry and are very high quality.

WASHABLE HOSE: it is 40 inch long but washable.Small mouth diameter: 0.5“, mouth inner diameter 0.28”.The actual length will be slightly longer.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Product Detail

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Durable Hookah Accessories

Length: 40″


Measuring 3.2 feet (40 inches) in length


You can see the hookah smoke passing through the transparent acrylic!


It will fit on pretty much hookah out there!


Package included:


1 X 3.2 ft hookah hose


1 X Wooden mouthpiece


Hose tipsDetachable Hose Handle&Mouth Pieces


100% Washable Hookah Hose


Detach the handle and wash the hose with ease.


You will never get ghost during your everything hookah sessions.


Nice designed handle, easy to grip and protect your hand


Hose insertHose Insert Plug


Hookah Insert Plug


We aim to imrpove your hookah experience with valuable items.


Come to us, you will be proud of you option.

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