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Hookah Set Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah Magical Remote LED Light Better Shisha Hookah Narguile Smoking

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High Quality – A Beautiful Modern Hookah , Made Of Acrylic , Amazing Led Hookah Design.Virtually Unbreakable, Lightweight Plexiglass Housing, A High-Quality Silicone Hose, And A Spring Design To Prevent Your Pipe From Clogging And Leaking.
Easy To Assemble And Use – Hookah Set Comes With Detailed Assembly Instructions For You To Assemble And Disassemble Correctly And Quickly.And Every Parts Can Be Clean Individually.We Give You An Extra Silicone Hose That.
Modern Cube Hookah – Made Of Clear Acrylic, Come With A Magical Multicolor Led Base & Remote Controller. This Hookah May Be Used For Both Decorative And Smoking Pleasures, Providing Entertainment For Years To Come.
Perfect Shisha Smoking – Big Cloud, Pulls Beautifully.They Are Suitable For Smoke Shows, Homes, Bars, Clubs, Weddings, Parties, And Provide Fun In Your Life.

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