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Hookah Hose Adapter Splitter 1 to 2 Hookah Accessories Auto-Seal Shisha Metal

Short Description:

Function:It will convert 1 hose hookah to 2 hose hookah, 2 hose hookah to 3 hose hookah and so on.

Easy to Use:You do not need to unscrew the air valve from your hookah, you simply place it into the hookah connector hole

Wide Application:Should fit all Syrian, modern and all the Egyptian will fit on all standard hookah ports

What You will Get:1pc Hookah Hose Adapter Splitter.this Hookup Adapter does not include hoses.

The Best Choice for Hookah :The Hookah Hose Adapter makes smoking fun and share with friends together Easily to use.

Product Detail

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Name: darkelves

Material: aluminum alloy

Weight: 90 grams

Packing number: 100 per box

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Product description

Question:If two hoses are connected but only one person is smoking, does the other hose inlet need to be covered or is there a valve to seal an unused hose?

Answer:No, it auto close when not in use

Question:Does it come with the inner rubber pieces?

Answer:Hi, yes it does have the rubber pieces inside

Question:Can you unscrew the hose adapters from the ball?


Question:Do you need to plug the second hose with your thumb in order for the first person to smoke it ?

Answer:Best very would be to take it out and just plug a hose in.

Question:Will it fit in a hookah?

Answer:If it’s a standard port yes.

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