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DURABLE ALUMINUM SQUARE PANS: Made from premium quality aluminum foil, this 8” InchSquare Aluminum Foil Pan Value Pack from darkelves is ecofriendly and recyclable. So dont worry about cleaning up, just toss them when youre done!


ECO-FRIENDLY VALUE PACK: These premium aluminum pans are Eco-friendly and recyclable. They’re also dishwasher, oven and freezer safe. This pack includes 10 Aluminum Foil Pans.


PERFECT FOR BAKING: Turn on the oven, and lets start baking! With our Aluminum Foil Square Pans Value Pack, you can do it all! Bake bread, quiches, lasagna, mini casseroles, cake, and other delectable treats, preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, and so much more! If youre running a catering business or restaurant, these foils pans are convenient for storing food for delivery or take-out as well. Create an impressive presentation with our sturdy, silver pans.


This darkelves Foil Table Pan Is Perfect For any Occasion Where Speed Is Needed, Or At Fundraisers, Parties, Or Barbeques Where Ease Of Use Is A Must! It’s Made Of Durable Aluminum Foil Without Bending


Darkelves Aluminum Tin Foil Square Pans is made out of Disposable Eco Friendly Durable Heavyweight Aluminum material & is Designed Strong Enough for Baking, Cooking, Roasting, Broiling, & is Also Great for Food Storage as in Deep Freezing, Storing Meals, or Just To Toss Some Extras in The Refrigirator Also is it Great to Use as A Lunch Box And Last But Not Least Perfect for Baking Bread, Cakes, Meat Loaf, Lasagna, & Much More.

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