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Ruian Vidi Trading Co., Ltd. It is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Convenient trade and transportation. The company is committed to the production and research and development of bamboo charcoal all year round. Have deep experience and R&D personnel. Quality guaranteed, excellent quality and reasonable price. DarkElves' is committed to providing more users with efficient, clean and environmentally friendly high-quality burning bamboo charcoal.


Why Choose Us

The company has an advanced production system and management system, can produce a large amount of bamboo charcoal that meets the quality in a short time.

We will provide a large amount of high-quality BBQ charcoal at the best price.

We are BBQ Bamboo Briquette Charcoal Producers who have exported to various countries in the world.

All the bamboo charcoal products we produce meet the export quality standards.

Our factory is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.There are fast land transportation routes and it is close to the trade port.

Our Advantage

DarkElves focuses on the production of bamboo charcoal products. Because the surface area of ​​bamboo charcoal (700㎡/g) is larger than that of charcoal (300㎡/g), the firepower of DarkElves bamboo charcoal is more than 3 times that of charcoal , and the burning time is longer.

DarkElves can keep stable at a high temperature for a long time, and it contains a part of the minerals required for biological growth, and it will penetrate into the food during barbecue, which is beneficial to the human body.


1. DarkElves bamboo charcoal raw materials: DarkElves bamboo grows 1/3 faster than the fastest trees, and is a sustainable resource that can be regenerated in a short period of time.

2. Bamboo charcoal is a pure natural product, non-toxic, no smell, no side effects, and has good electrical conductivity.

3. Bamboo charcoal has the effect of adsorption and decomposition: bamboo charcoal itself has more carbon pores than charcoal, which can effectively absorb the floating substances in the air.can absorb, decompose and deodorize harmful chemicals such as sulfide, cyanide, methanol, benzene , etc.

Our bamboo charcoal is made from natural bamboo sawdust and is different from other bamboo charcoal processes.

It is made by first pressing the bamboo dust into a square shape under high pressure and then carbonising it in a high temperature kiln.  It is of the highest quality, pure and natural, free from harmful chemicals, non-toxic and perfect for BBQs.

We dare to promise: Darkelves All Bamboo Charcoal products are produced from 100% natural Bamboo with no chemical additives or binders.More Efficient, Cleaner and More Evo Friendly.

Please contact us for more information at any time for your requirements, which will give our best attention.

Company Philosophy

● More Efficient ● Cleaner ● More Environmentally Friendly